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This report is dedicated to the estimated 2,352,941 NJ drivers that have received Red Light Camera traffic tickets, hopefully on December 17, 2014 these "Right Turn on Red Cash Cows" will be shut down.

By Rick Short & George Ford this Red Light Camera Report comes right out of the story from David (with common sense & a desktop & factual data) versus Goliath (the Deceptive Advertising Red Light Camera industry)

We are just two guys with common sense & a desktop & factual data that discover lies and tell FACTS about NJ Red Light Camera Intersections.

Remember FACTS don't lie

A Scandalous Video

Rick & George's final recommendation is if you plan on making Red Light Camera Safety Statements in the State of NJ about the Red Light Camera Program please do it from a bathroom because after you are done speaking you will need to wash your mouth out with soap & water.

Thanks for reading and Drive Safe New Jersey,

Rick Short & George Ford

"Remember FACTS don't lie"

We can be reached from 9am - 9pm at 856-230-1685, M-S

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PO Box 3038
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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